Core Values & Vision

Our Core Values


Our core values show who we are. There are many things that are common to all churches and Christians around the world and there are also ways that each church family is unique. These core values are unique to CPC. They are who we are. They determine how we act.


Core Values



Our Vision


Our church vision gives us direction and our direction determines our destination. Over the years visions change as they are fulfilled and as God leads. Our vision for the current season is "building communities of Christ-followers to bring His salvation and restoration to North Wales". As part of this vision we have a number of dreams of things we want to see by 2025. These dreams will be added to this page soon.


Christ Followers Vision


Statement of Faith

As evangelicals we subscribe to a Statement of Faith as set out in the Evangelical Alliance (UK) Basis of Faith, shared by the vast majority of Evangelicals worldwide.



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