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Transform 2012 - Step 1



For those of you who are coming to transform and those of you who aren't I thought you would like to know how 

it's all going here, so that you can get excited and be praying for and about what God is going to do at this event.


Well I am currently in Manchester at the church office helping Dave get the final bits and bobs ready for the camping

and the set-up so that we are ready to go to Evesham (the site of transform) in 3 days time! 


Please be praying for good weather so that everyone will have the best time (and so that I can get a tan) and keep Dave 

in your prayers as things start to get a bit hectic.


And just a bit of inside information: Our plot has been allocated and we are camping where the youth tents were last year

but don't panic the youth tents have moved to another field....a long way away :)

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