Kings Kids

Kings Kids are aged from 5 to 9 years old.
We learn God's word and bible characters, we mainly learn through playing games, crafts and acting out the story from the bible.
We also have a 'prayer tree picture' where children put their prayers up. We like to worship with singing and dancing.
Most of all we all have fun by getting to know God better.
We have lots of wonderful leaders and helpers.
Our Leader is Sharon Morgan


‘Superheroes’ are aged 2 to 4 and meet every week to sing, dance, play and pray together from 11am until 12pm. They enjoy listening to and acting out Bible stories. They also like making things. The emphasis is on learning to share together, and having fun.

Parents are encouraged to attend for the first few weeks, while their children get to know the leaders and helpers. Parents then join the rota as a helper once a month.

The ‘Superheroes’ leader is Joy James, and she is assisted by a team of mums, dads, grannys, grandads, and others who simply love spending time with noisy, messy young children.

What happens in Good News Club

What Happens in Good News Club?

Good News Club lasts 1 hour, which usually goes by very quickly. In that hour the children will learn some songs as well as the actions. They will get to play some exciting games and hear amazing stories from the Bible. At GNC we believe in rewarding good behaviour, so those who participate and behave the best will also get to take home a prize. Our tried and tested method of kids work will ensure that all the children have lots of fun and at the same time learn valuable skills, such as listening , participating and giving!

Good News Club

Good News Club

What is GNC all about? Good News Club (GNC) is a Christian based kids club run by Caernarfon Pentecostal Church.The club has been serving the families of Caernarfon for more than 15 years now and exists to bring hope and life to the children of this town through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It combines high energy music with crazy games and creative lessons to present the Bible in a relevant and real way. At Good News Club we are committed to offering a safe & fun environment for children to play and learn. Our staff are all volunteers who are trained and committed to ensuring that GNC provides the best possible care. We believe that people of all ages can know God and that is what GNC is all about!


Who is it for?

Who’s it for?
GNC is for children who are between the ages of
4-10yrs. This is the age bracket for primary education, if the child is not yet in primary school or has left primary school we are unable to allow them entry.  For children between the ages of 4-10yrs entry is free.



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